Rebuilding The Company Profile App – The dimens.xml, toolbar.xml and strings.xml

1 Updating The dimens.xml
1.1 Definition
We put various dimension values in dimens.xml just because multiple layouts and XML components can use them. It’s easy to change these values to update and bring changes across the application. “DESCRIPTION TO BE ADDED LATER”

For example:

1.2 Creation
Start by opening up the directories projectname>app>src>main>res>values, then double click on the dimens.xml […]

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Rebuilding The Company Profile App – The colors.xml and styles.xml

1 Creating The colors.xml File
1.1 Definition
This xml define basic colors for your app here both for primary and secondary text, and backgrounds “DESCRIPTION TO BE ADDED LATER”. For example:

1.2 Creation
To create the colors.xml file create the file in the values folder. You can do this by first opening:


Right click on the ‘values’ folder […]

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Rebuilding The Company Profile App – First Things First

1 First Things First
Before you start creating files, adding some code, etc. you need to do four things in the Company Profile App project so that you won’t be experiencing a lot of problems when rebuilding the application.
1.1 Change Project View
First you need to make sure you have set your project’s view to ‘Project’.

To change […]

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Rebuilding The Company Profile Application – Creating Android Studio Project

1. Rebuilding The Company Profile Application
In this major section we will go through the entire process of rebuilding the Company Profile App from the ground up. Before you proceed please make sure you have installed and setup your JDK, Android Studio and Android SDK from the previous section.

2. Creating The Android Studio Project
First open up […]

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Company Profile App Introduction

1. Introduction
Company Profile App is developed in such a way that, it can be easily configured to fit for any company to share their contact information, goals and objectives along with products and/or services that they provide.

This documentation describes how to build this app from scratch and provides guidelines to configure it. It assumes, one with […]

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A Quick Guide To Android App Development For Beginners

Android is an easy platform to develop apps for. All the documentation you need is readily available online, The Android development tools can be acquired at no cost, and you can easily use your own Android device to test your apps on. In addition, if you don’t have a physical Android device, you can just use the free […]

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