1. Introduction

Company Profile App is developed in such a way that, it can be easily configured to fit for any company to share their contact information, goals and objectives along with products and/or services that they provide.

This documentation describes how to build this app from scratch and provides guidelines to configure it. It assumes, one with basic android programming knowledge is good enough to complete this app.

This demo was developed in Android Studio 1.1.0 under Windows 7 OS and tested in Google Nexus 4 and Google Nexus 7.

2. App Walkthrough

In this section I am going to walk you through the various sections of the Company Profile App so that you can get a better understanding on what each section of the application is going to do.

2.1. Main Menu

main-menu-page-1 main-menu-page-2
The Main Menu is your main navigation area of the application. It shows your company banner at top and the 3 Areas you can go, which are About Us, Portfolio, and Contact Us.

2.2. About Us

This section will display the same company banner you saw in the main menu as well as your company’s About Us details, Mission and Vision.

about-us-page-1 about-us-page-2

2.3. Portfolio

In the Portfolio area, this is where you display all your company’s products and services. You can navigate to each category by clicking P or S icons.

products-and-services-page-1 products-and-services-page-2
You can see the details of each product and services you have added by clicking on them. You will be shown the details on Title, Category and Description on the item you have clicked. When the Locate On Web button is pressed it will open up a browser to the URL of the corresponding item you have configured.


2.4. Contact Us

The Contact Us page is where you can see your company’s address, contact number, email, official website, Facebook URL, Youtube channel URL, Linkedln profile URL, Twitter URL, and your Google Maps Location.

Clicking on the phone number opens up your devices phone application where you can call the number; clicking the email will open up your phone’s main email application; clicking on the website opens up the URL on a browser; clicking on the each social links will point you their corresponding URLs; and clicking on Google Maps will open up the Google Maps application and show of the location.

This concludes the tour on the Company Profile App.

3. Requirements

Before you go through the process of rebuilding the application you need to have Java Development Kit (JDK), Android Studio, and Android SDK installed and setuped.

3.1. Java Development Kit Installation and Setup

Please choose one of the videos below that correspond to your computer operating system (Mac, Windows or Linux). The videos will teach you how to install the Java Development Kit, which is a requirement for Android Studio.

Java Development Kit Installation

3.2. Android Studio and Android SDK Installation and Setup

Please choose one of the videos below that correspond to your computer operating system (Mac, Windows or Linux). The videos will teach you how to install the Android Studio as well as the setup of the Android SDK.

Android Studio Installation

Once you are done with installing and setting up the JDK, Android Studio, and Android SDK you can now proceed to rebuilding the Company Profile application.

Click a link below to go to the next step of the setup

On to Part 2 of the Company App

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