G’day g’day, it’s Tim Buchalka here, I’m the Aussie Android Dev guy. Today’s video is all about the Java Development Kit. Installation and configuration of said software for a Linux platform. Yes if you’re running Linux you’re in the right place

Let’s get to it!

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Setting Up

Firstly, let’s check if there’s a Java installation already present on the machine. Open up your linux ‘Terminal’ and type ‘java -version’ and if that came up with a version number that means you had Java installed but if not then you don’t have Java installed. Now, just a note, that if you haven’t got Java 8, and it doesn’t come up and say something like ‘Java 1.8’. I do suggest that you do proceed because, Java 1.8 is definitely recommended, and not earlier versions.


Ok, so first things first, your going to be using the repository setup by the web update 8 team, specifically their ppa repository which is just a shortcut to get the commands necessary to do the installation. So type in ‘sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java ‘. Now, you’ll be prompted to type in you password, that’s the password for your computer, by the way, not some other password. After you’ve typed in your password and pressed [ENTER], you then see a message saying ‘Press [ENTER] to continue’, so press enter to continue.

Installing Java

Once that’s done, the next step is to type ‘sudo apt-get update’. It’ll chug for another 10 or 15 seconds or so. It does depend on the speed of your internet connection as well. Then the next command that you are going to add is the one that does the actual installation of Java itself. And, that will be pulling the files from the Oracle website.

Once its done executing the ‘sudo apt-get update’ command completed, type in ‘sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer’. It’s going to ask, ‘Are you sure you want to do that?’ you can just press [ENTER] or you can also type ‘Y’ and press [ENTER]. And, it’s going to ask you to accept the License Agreement. Just press [ENTER] to proceed, and on the next screen, move the selector over to the left to say ‘I agree’ to their license terms. And, we should find that it starts downloading.



Now, it’s a fairly chunky file. It does depend on the speed of your internet connection as to how fast or how long rather it will take. You see, it’s about 140 megabytes in total. And once that’s done, that will do a final its installation.

Final Checking And Setup

Next thing to do is to check the Java version, to make sure that Java can be seen and you got the right version installed. And then you’re just going to setup your environment variables and you’ll be done.

Ok, first open up terminal and type in ’java -version’, and again as you recall earlier that a version of java should appear after typing that command. Since we recently installed Java 1.8, you will now see that it’s showing you on the screen that Java is installed, build 1.8.0_25. That might change depending on the time that your watching or when your watching this because obviously Oracle updates Java on a regular basis. But my point I said earlier was you want to make sure you are running 1.8. So, if you’re running an earlier version, I do suggest you upgrade to 1.8.


Ok, the last thing you need to do is setup the environment variables. And, that’s easy as well. Type ‘sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-set-default’ and press [ENTER]. And that’s going to setup the environment variables, so you’re actually done at this point.


And, that’s a wrap. We’re now done and dusted. We’ve got our Java Development Kit installed and configured.

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