1. Rebuilding The Company Profile Application

In this major section we will go through the entire process of rebuilding the Company Profile App from the ground up. Before you proceed please make sure you have installed and setup your JDK, Android Studio and Android SDK from the previous section.

2. Creating The Android Studio Project

First open up your Android Studio application and click on “Start a new Android Studio project”.


In the New Project screen, type in your desired application name in the Application Name field, and type in the domain of your company in the Company Domain field. It will automatically generate a package name for your application in the Package name field. “TIM TO ADD EXTENDED DESCRIPTION ABOUT PACKAGE NAME”

Please take note of the package name you have been given because you will be using this a lot later in the rebuilding process.

For this example the Application Name, and Company Domain I typed in are ‘Company Profile App’ and ‘example.org’ so it automatically generated this package name “org.example.companyprofileapp”.


Next, set the directory where you want to store the Android Studio project in the Project location field. Just click the ‘…’ button and select the folder where you want the project to be saved in.


Just select where you want to save it and press the OK button. Leave the filename as it is.


As you can see above I just saved it in my ‘android-studio-projects’ folder.

Once you’re done with setting up the Project location, click Next to proceed to next screen.


In the ‘Target Android Devices’ screen make sure Phone and Tablet checkbox is ticked, and make sure that the Minimum SDK is set to API 16: Android 41 (Jelly Bean). Once your sure, press Next to proceed.


In the ‘Add an Activity to Mobile’ screen just make sure Blank Activity is selected and click Next to proceed to the next screen.


In the ‘Customize the Activity’ screen leave everything at default and press Finish to finally create the new Android Studio project.


After clicking the Finish button Android Studio will now start the process of creating your new project.


It will take a while before it finishes the creation process, so wait until you see the Gradle Build Finished message on the lower left corner of Android Studio.




Once you see the ‘Gradle build finished’ message that meanse Android Studio has completed the project creation process and you are now ready to add some code, images, etc. So close that Tip of the day window and let’s get started!

Congratulations! You have now created the Android Studio Project for the Company Profile App.

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