First Things First

Before you start creating files, adding some code, etc. you need to do four things in the Company Profile App project so that you won’t be experiencing a lot of problems when rebuilding the application.

1.1 Change Project View

First you need to make sure you have set your project’s view to ‘Project’.


To change project view click the dropdown option on the Project window and set it to ‘Project


change-project-view-changing-view-2 change-project-view-changing-view-3

Once you have set it to ‘Project’ view, you can confirm it by how the way the files and folders are structured as well as the lable of Project at the upper right corner of the Project window. Ok, we are now done with the project view now lets proceed to the 2nd item.

1.2 Putting The Placeholder Graphics

You will be given a zip file that contains all the placeholder graphics you need, in order to run the game initially. You will be copying and pasting these graphics into the project.


You will be creating first the following folders below in your Company Profile App Android Studio project:

drawable (if it does not exist)





Go back to your Android Studio project and open up the folders projectname>app>src in your project view until you see the ‘res’ folder. You can open the folder contents in the project view by clicking the dropdown arrow; once you do it will show you the contents of the folder.



Open the ‘res’ folder to see if you have an existing drawable folder, if you don’t then you need to create it along with the other 4 drawable folders (In my case I have an existing drawable folder so I don’t need to create another one, just the other 4).


To create the missing drawables just right click on the ‘res’ folder and select New>Directory


Then type in the name of the folder you want to add in the ‘res’ folder and press OK to add it.



Keep doing this until you have all 5 drawable foldes in your ‘res’ directory.


Once you have all drawable folders created in your project go back to the zip file that contains the placeholder graphics, and copy and paste their contents into their corresponding folders in the Android Studio project. (An example of the process is shown for the ‘drawable’ folder)




Right click on the folder where you want to paste the images and select ‘Paste’. (In this example it was the contents from the drawable folder so I pasted it in the same folder in the Android Studio project)


A small window will pop up for confirmation on where the items are about to be pasted, just press OK to proceed.


You will then see the contens are now copied and pasted into the drawable folder of your Company Profile App Android Studio project.

You will do this until all the drawable folders have the same contents as the ones from the zip file. So each drawable folder in your project must have the copies of the placeholder images from their corresponding folders from the given zip file.


Once you’re done with putting all the placeholder images into the right folders in the project we can now proceed to the next item.

1.3 Fixing The menu_main.xml

The next item we need to do is to remove the <item> entry from the menu_main.xml file. Open up the directores projectname>app>src>main>res>menu, then double click the menu_main.xml file to open it in the editor.


Just remove the contents from the fifth line to the sixth line.


So what should be left in your menu_main.xml file would be the following codes below.



Save and close the file and your done updating the menu_main.xml! Now on to the last item.

1.4 Setting The Right Dependencies

This last item is easy to setup. Just open up projectname>app and then double click the ‘build.gradle’ file to open it in the editor window.


Listing 1 – build.gradle dependencies

In the dependencies code area you must have the following 3 compile lines:

In my build.gradle file I only have these compile lines.


So I need to add the missing one which is ‘compile ‘’’ into the dependencies area. Once you have added in the correct compile codes in the dependencies bracket click the Sync Now link at the upper area of your editor.


Gradle will now be rebuilt again for the project. You will have to wait until it finishes rebuilding the Gradle with the new compile codes added in.





Once you see the ‘Gradle build finished’ message at the lower left corner of your Android Studio window, click the Save icon and close the tab for the build.gradle file in the editor. You’r now done with editing the project’s build.gradle file!

Congratulations! You’ve added the necessary placeholder images, changed to the right project view, and added in the right compile codes in the project’s build.gradle. You are now ready to start adding the codes to rebuilding the application.

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